5 Best Online Classroom Software

E-learning is slowly taking over the conventional methods of learning due to the convenience, flexibility it offers while by passing limitations of time and distance. Various online classroom software have enabled people to gain knowledge from tutors from places far across without the need to travel long distances and without compromising on career in hand. Find below 5 online virtual classroom software users can use to learn and gain knowledge

  1. ezTalks Meetings

It is considered as the best online classroom software as it is ideal for teachers and students as it allows online classes through video conferencing. It also allows universities and institutes to run simultaneous multiple online courses and live classes with multiple teachers.

This online virtual classroom software has a video conferencing feature allowing up to 100 participants at once. Other features may include screen sharing, video recording and sharing, whiteboard sharing, group and private chats etc.

  1. Blackboard

It is an economical online classroom software which supports requirements of students, teachers and entire universities. It provides students with a easy,  dependable, suitable and concurrent learning solutions. Its features include ability to learners to communicate with each other using its conferencing and online collaboration tools. It also supports good quality videos, audio, application sharing and has all features to ensure a good virtual learning experience.

  1. WizIQ

It is considered one if the best online classroom software with over 3 million active users worldwide. It is suitable for teachers, universities, tutors,, individuals and business who wish to share their knowledge online. This free online classroom software enhances learning experience with features like easy administration, recording of live classes, interactive whiteboard, real time textual and audio-video communication, polls, quizs etc.

  1. Udemy

It is a popular online classroom software free to of use. It has over 2 million active students around the world using the online virtual classroom software studying over 15000 courses. The online classroom software is free to subscribe and create learning content. Its features allows trainers to design and publish strong online curriculum with help of PowerPoint presentations, recorded video lectures, documents, text, mash up videos, audio files etc. Also its live virtual classroom allows tutors to host live video conferencing sessions , has a live interactive whiteboard, instructor dash room, chatrooms, file sharing, supports many languages etc.

  1. Articulate Storyline

It is one of the best online classroom software which allows trainers to create mobile and online learning content fast and easily. It also allows students to interact with tutors in a similar manner they would interact in a traditional learning setting.

Some of its features include multimedia support, story boarding, character template, advanced editing options, animation etc with testing options, blended learning, mobile learning and simulation features.


Although there are plenty of online classroom software available for users, the above mentioned free online classroom software should be tried and tested by tutors and students as they are free to use.

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