7 Steps for Conducting an Effective Research

Conducting a good research is crucial to draft a winning dissertation. Every year, thousands of students are assigned to write a dissertation as their final research project. However, not all students find these research papers easy to write, as these papers take a good of planning and research.

In case you are also a graduating student and need help with dissertation writing; learn the following seven steps that you require to take in the whole research process.

Step 1: Define the Main Problem

Identifying a compelling research question is the first step towards a successful research project, over anything else.

A winning dissertation has a realistic issue, problem, or a topic that needs to be explored. Therefore, it’s crucial for scholars to identify a genuine area of research to compose a winning dissertation.

Step 2: Review the Literature

The literature review gives a strong base to identify any gaps in the previous research conducted in the particular area of field or subject.

A literature review is of fundamental importance to ensure that you are carrying out a research on the area which has not been examined before.

Step 3: Define a Problem Statement

Your problem statement must define the core area of your research. It should address the justification for studying the problem and present emphasis on the reason to conduct your research.

Step 4: Choosing an appropriate Research Methodology

You will then be required to explain which research methodology you will be using. Whether it will be quantitative or qualitative? And the methods and techniques you will be using to collect, analyze and interpret the data in the research.

Step 5: Conduct the Research

By using the right research methodology, you can now conduct the research.

To find conclusive data, research scholars need to concentrate on every detail. They must make sure they have conducted their research ethically and simultaneously noting relevant information to gain useful help with dissertation writing.  

Step 6: Present The Results

After you have conducted the research, you then need to analyze and interpret the research data.

To leave a good impression on the reader, you must support your interpretation and argument with strong research evidence. Make sure you stay fair with your interpretations and avoid including and commenting on irrelevant data.

Step 7: Report The Findings

Once you present your results, report your finding to your supervisor. Your supervisor will then analyze what you have concluded in your research, along with your research strategy and abilities.

Present your findings in a way that its easy for your supervisor to go through every detail of your work.  Your supervisor will comment on the areas that need improvements so that you finish your research on a high note.

These are the seven steps which are necessary to conduct a good research on the dissertation project. However, if you find any difficulties, you can get help with dissertation writing from a recognized online source that can help you get through your dissertation writing without any hassles.

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