Benefits Of Higher ACT/SAT Score

It is necessary to bring out time to study SAT online (เรียน sat online which is the term in Thai) and ACT in order to obtain a good score. But why do we have to earn more than the intended college’s score? It is clear that the ACT and SAT score has a lot of benefits.

Better Acceptance Odd

The increasing of the acceptance odd is one of the advantages of ACT or SAT high score. Aiming to have a higher score more than an average college score is better. If you score lower, it might be a disadvantage against another person who scores higher than you. This might disqualify for you by not giving you admission, and then they will offer admission to the other person with the highest score. So, if your score is too low, you are automatically disqualified or wait-listed.

Grants And Scholarship

Most people don’t know that higher ACT or SAT scores can give them a scholarship. The scholarship is always granted based on your higher SAT or ACT score. Also, another good recommendation is the PSAT exam. It does not only give you plenty of help for the SAT exam (sat สอบ which is the term in Thai) but allows gaining a national merit scholarship.

Honors Program

Most institutions have the honors program that needs a high SAT or ACT score. You will have access to tools that other students do not have. The exciting part of this program is that it takes into account both your test scores and school grades. These perks include access to honors only course, separate housing with social events and field trips. Also, there are several awards available for students.

Getting a higher score will make a big difference for your academic finances, future, and potential career.

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