How to Clean and Maintain your Air Pistol

Many people purchase air pistols each day in the UK, with Remington air pistols being incredibly popular. However, once you have a bought an air rifle it is not all about having fun – people must ensure that they know how to correctly care for their air pistols and keep them working to a high standard.

Air pistols contain multiple internal mechanisms which correspond together and allow for us to shoot. Because of this is it vital that owners of air pistols know this and in turn care for absolutely all aspects of their rifles to enable them to shoot at maximum potential at all times.  Today we are going to be listing how to clean each part of an air rifle without damaging them. Keep on ringing to find out how…

The barrel (Internal) –  The barrel of airguns get dirty, however they do not require cleaning 24/7. The main problems that occurs is build-up of oil and deposits of metal from firing pellets. You should never, ever oil your barrel. If you oil your barrel the oil tends to get inside and damage other mechanisms. If you suspect that your barrel needs cleaning you should look at the instructions in which you received regarding this upon purchasing your weapon.

The barrel (external) – The outside of the barrel of an air rifle needs to be maintain otherwise it will wear and rust When you barrel gets wet or is exposed to water you should get a clean cloth and dry is. In addition to this you can also buy rust protection spray which can work amazingly when it comes to keeping the outside of a barrel in top working order.

Scope – You can clean your scope as often as you feel the need to. If it is dusty you should use a soft cloth, brush or compressed air to clean it up and if there are nay marks on your scope these can easily be removed using a soft microfiber cloth, rubbing in a slow and circular motion.

Woodwork – Keep the woodwork of your airgun is spectacular condition, wiping wood dry every time it is contact with water to prevent rot and damage. It is also a really good idea to use stock finish to varnish and protect against knocks – this will provide your weapon with a high quality sheen finish allowing your gun to look brand new at all times.


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