Tips To Prepare Biology for Class 10th CBSE Board Examinations

The 10th board examinations are knocking at the door and the students are about to end an era and begin a new one. 10th standard is known to be the end of an era because you end up your school here and begin the college from the 11th standard. You can opt for the subjects of your choice. Generally, the optional subjects are Maths, Science (PCB), Commerce, and Arts. The students aspiring to be an engineer need to score well in Maths and Science in order to have it in the higher classes. The aspiring doctors opt for Science.

If you wish to be a doctor in the near future, you need to focus on Biology more than anything. Because whatever you study in the high school and +2 will be carried forward for your entrance examinations. Also, it will be useful for your future studies. Therefore, you need to be clear with the Biology basics ranging from the cell theory to the human brain. Even if you do not go for medical studies, the courses such as B.Sc (Hons.) and B.Tech in various streams of Biology like Biotechnology, Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, etc. require conceptual knowledge. Better you have them clarified beforehand.

The following tips might prove beneficial to the students while preparing for Biology examination:

  • Students have a notion that Biology is all about mugging up. But, this notion will score you no marks. You need to understand the topic, and no mug ups will be required.
  • Every answer should be accompanied by a diagram. For example, if you are asked to explain the structure of the eye, mention a properly labeled diagram along with the explanation. This helps you score well.
  • Write and learn to know things by heart. This prevents any confusions in the topics. For eg., the DNA and RNA, plant cell and animal cell, these are certain topics students often get confused with.
  • The differences should be explained in a tabular form. Avoid answering in paragraphs. The descriptions should also be mentioned in points. The examiners find it easy to analyze the answers in points than in paragraphs.
  • Practice the previous years’ question papers because the questions are repeated frequently.
  • Keep solving the sample papers regularly. This will increase your solving speed and boost your confidence level.
  • The pattern of the question paper is subjective, so your answers should be presentable and should not carry stories. Give the relevant information only. This will help you score well.

The Science exam for class 10th CBSE will be held on March 13th, 2019. We wish all the students very good luck for their examinations. May your future shines brightly.

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