Top 6 Fundraising Ideas for Schools you Could Use

Everyone has something to say, everyone has an idea to give, the same thing applies to the internet. Every site has suggestions to give on fundraising ideas for your school. While we are not pointing to any particular fundraising idea as being wrong, we have taken the liberty to gather the top 6 ideas on planning fundraisers for schools on your behalf. This way, instead of skipping from one website to the other and scrutinizing a heap of both necessary and unnecessary information, you could skip right to drawing comparison among the most essential ideas or “the top finalists”. But first, introductions are in order.

What are Fundraisers About?

Fundraising could be said to be an avenue seeking out and pooling together financial resources offered voluntarily by way of contributions by other parties. These parties could include governmental agencies, businesses, charitable foundations, and many others. Typically fundraising mainly involved door-to-door activities as a form of face to face fundraising. But today, many other forms of fundraising are in place and even the internet can be used to support your fundraising efforts. Although fundraising is mainly used by non-profit organizations, it is also being employed by for-profit organizations.

The essence of School Fundraising

School fundraisers are fundraising avenues in educational institutions where seeking and raising funds to support various educational enrichment programs are made possible. Fundraisers are also vital to schools as they can help to improve the infrastructural facilities as well as updating and maintaining equipment in the school. If the need ever arises to expand the school field to fit in more equipment or maintaining the school band, the sports team, the cheer team or the need to stock the science or music lab with newer stuff, fundraisers are one way to go. School fundraisers should be relatively fun and they give the students a way to socialize more with their peers and environment. School fundraisers usually involve the combined efforts of students, teachers and even parents.

Top 6 Ideas

  1. Talk to the pros: There are times in life when we all need a little help, fundraising is no exception.  Professional fundraising companies, like Fundraising Zone, are experts in the fundraising field and are the best way to kickstart your fundraising efforts.         
  2. Online Donation Page: It would be best to create an online donation page for those who might be interested in donating. This page could also be linked to various other services that your fundraising campaign might be offering. This page is so vital because it is easy to use and those not need the interested party to be physically present before contributing.
  3. Try Using Scratch Cards: These are also quite effective. They are relatively new fundraising tools but effective nonetheless. Interested parties are invited to scratch any number of circles on the card to reveal the number or numbers beneath. It runs on a kind of “scratch and pay” principle. The amounts underneath vary.
  4. Use Discount Cards: The school could try selling discount cards to local businesses. The discount cards are then attached to coupons usable at a local business place. These discount cards could be worth up to hundreds of dollars of goods to donors.
  5. Make Use of School Events: You could try approaching those who occasionally come to the school for various purposes such as to watch the sports games or enjoy the band or the dance teams and routines. You could even try organizing special events such as fairs, band concerts, pep rallies, etc.
  6. Sales: This covers bake sales as well as sales of merchandise from the school such as T-shirts, jackets and even novelty items such as mugs, pens and many more. Of course, linking this sales avenue to the online donation page is even more profitable. This way, people can order in bulk.


With proper planning and the right circumstances, these ideas are sure to bring in a reasonable amount of funds. Make sure everyone is involved in the fun and hustle, children, teachers and parents alike.

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