Police departments need reliable and cutting-edge use of force training Connecticut to help them ensure their officers’ safety. We provide several training and instructor certification options that will help your officers get the training they need to do their jobs as safely as possible.

One way you can access our training courses is to attend an already-scheduled event. These take place around the country and cover different topics, so there is likely one that would benefit your team. You also have the option of hosting a training event at your location. If you host, we make it easy so that you don’t have to deal with registration or payment processes. You just broadcast the training to your network and provide a place to train.

Additionally, we can come to your location to do an in-service training. If you want, we can also train and certify your instructors so that they are confident in providing our training to others in your network themselves. This can be cost-effective so that you don’t have to pay for your entire staff to receive training. Your in-house instructors can bring the knowledge and skills back to you. We provide training in subjects that matter most to you.

One type of instructor certification we offer is in liability reduction. This concentrates on developing skills that are designed to reduce risk through best practices. The techniques are lower-liability but still very efficient. Our injury prevention courses emphasize higher-intensity methods that demonstrate how to prevent injuries. Additionally, we offer our high performance courses that show how to provide compressed combatives and ground dominance in short time intervals.

We provide three subject matter expert programs. These include the master instructor designation, the testimony designation, and the licensed academy instructor.

No matter your staff’s needs, we can accommodate your area of need and need to watch the training budget. We offer customizable training options that offer convenience and work-smart designs that will be key in getting your people the training they need.

We focus on teaching tactics, techniques, and concepts that will be applicable to your officers right out the door. They will be able to quickly and effectively apply what they learn. For example, we authentically surprise trainees in drills where the focus of the training is on subject-initiated contact. This is a common area of complaint from officers who feel that the drills they learn are not helpful because they are anticipating the subject’s actions during training.

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