What are the pros and cons of earning a PHD Degree Online?

A closeup shot of a doctorate and diploma scroll with the tassels of a mortar board.

Indeed, earning a PHD degree takes a lot of time and money to get it done. You have to make a lot of efforts and manage your time to keep going through it. But obviously, if you have academic ambitions, it adds value to your career.

With the ever-growing digital world, online education is considered much. No matter what academic program it is, students always find the freedom to explore and learn their way. Same is the case with PHD online programs. To analyze its importance, we have arranged a list of pros and cons as follows:

Pros of Online PHD Degree Program

When you are thinking to enroll in, it is essential to know the following pros:

  1. It costs less: the high prices of the degree programs kills many students’ dreams of earning the highest academic degree, most of the times. With the emergence of this program in the world of eLearning, students save a lot of money. Not only because the cost is less, but they are able to save in transport, lunch, rent, etc.
  2. You have minimum Distractions: Since you study from home, you will be investing 100% of your time doing it. Plus, you are less distracted by the noisy campus or your roommate. In your dorm room, you solely focus on the study without any temptation around.
  3. You are able to organize the time in better way: At such point of learning, you are your own helper. Hence, you learn to manage and organize things the way you like. You know when your works actively, when you have to attend the class, and which hour will be the best for you to write an assignment. Online courses gives you the flexibility so you can organize all the tasks as you like.
  4. You will become more resourceful and Independent:while taking admission in a PHD program online, you must know the fact that there is nobody to help you on daily basis, so you must be able to deal with the problems all by yourself. It makes you a lot more independent and resourceful. In other words, you end up developing the characteristics that are highly expected from a PHD by top companies around the globe.
  5. You improve your Skills: By enrolling in an online degree program, you don’t only tend to improve your time management skills but also upgrade your IT skills as well. You are using the latest technology on daily basis, it helps you organizing all the tasks in line. Eventually, you improve organizational and communication skills that assure success in future.

Cons of Online PHD Degree Program

Following are a few cons of online PHD program.

  1. Less Human Interaction: Unlike face-to-face classrooms, there is less human interaction in an online course. However, you have plenty of forums, discussion boards, and video conference calls available, but you might feel a bit isolated at some time.
  2. Not all the institutes are accredited: it is a major issue that comes forward in almost every online program. Before enrolling in an online course, you must ensure that doctoral program is accredited so that you’ll be recognized after getting it done. We advise to pick a well-reputed online university that is accredited by the national and international units both or you’ll waste your time.
  3. There is no one-to-one discussion with the professors: One of the major things that might make an individual excited about doctoral degree is direct interaction with the masterminds in their fields, which lacks in online education. In an online program, the maximum you can do is exchange of emails with them.
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