Why Does Curiosity Enhance Learning

Curiosity is a quality that is related to an inquisitive and innovative way of thinking. The more curious you are about the topic, the easier that subject will be. Curiosity emerges from the desire to learn that particular subject. And it encourages a deeper level of comprehending the lessons. This is an article to instigate interest to enhance the learning capability in the classroom sessions.

  • The brain is prepared for learning – It is not a big surprise that we remember what we have studied. Being curious helps the brain to think and learn. For example, a student has the query regarding electrochemical cell. When he/she questions or is being curious about this topic, it helps them to think and analyse the units.
  • Learn their interest – Students take a little time in determining their space of interest. However, once they are aware of their field of interest, they will be curious to learn more and implement them. This helps in fostering the student’s confidence, curiosity and learning pace.
  • Taking up curious projects – This is one of the best modes that encourage the students to learn effectively. When they take up the projects, they will become more curious as they have to complete the project themselves.
  • Asking questions – When the students ask more questions, their thinking capacity definitely increases and they will be curious to know the answer. Say for instance, if a student has a query regarding the trigonometry formulas. His/her query will be solved by asking questions. Questions emerge only when the students are curious.
  • Waives off the boring topics – Curiosity helps in learning boring things better. When the level of curiosity is stimulated. Only then the brain will be capable of learning and memorize in a better way.

Hence, these are the key factors to prove that why and how does curiosity enhance learning. To know more subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel –

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