Why teaching English is important for kids?

The importance of vocabulary in learning a foreign language

Vocabulary is a very important part of any language. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are all linked by one element and that is vocabulary. To learn a foreign language and be able to communicate hassle-free one must need to learn a variety of different words and know how to use them correctly. Experienced teachers already know how important vocabulary is. In English, there are thousands of words that children must learn in order to understand and communicate properly.

However, for many years teachers were trained in a way that they were not aware of many techniques that can help children learn vocabulary easily and quickly. Teachers were often told that children would be able to learn all the words by themselves without any help. The main aim of teachers was to help students perfect their grammar skills, without teaching them anything about vocabulary.

Make learning fun and entertaining for kids

English teaching for kids [สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก, which is the term in Thai] is a difficult job if you don’t know how to make learning fun and entertaining. There are many techniques used by experienced teachers to make things entertaining because children get distracted very easily. So it’s very important always to find ways to motivate them so that they will learn quickly and more efficiently.

A teacher must always try to connect with the children and appreciate them time to time for their efforts. Young children are very active so it’s quite difficult for them to concentrate on a particular thing for a long time. It’s best to teach them while playing games with them or by involving them in different activities. A teacher must also know the learning capacity and pattern of every child.

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