Avoid Common but Costly IELTS Exam Mistakes

International English Language Testing System [IELTS] is a test, whose scores are valuable. Majority of students prepare a lot but make some common mistakes that affect their overall scores.

Obviously, IELTS study course [เรียน cu tep, which are the term in Thai] demands plenty of preparation time. Students get tested in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The actual test also takes time with writing & reading in the morning then speaking & listening in the afternoon. This can put plenty of stress on the candidate.

Avoid common IELTS errors that can turn out to be costly

Poor vocabulary & spelling mistakes

Review the written portion to avoid spelling mistakes. Many words in English language spell same but their meanings differ. Therefore, spelling mistakes get accompanied with poor vocabulary. Read a lot and build your vocabulary. Write words with same sound and get familiar with their definitions. With broad English vocabulary, you are sure to succeed the challenges experienced in speaking, reading or listening.


Accents will not make you lose points but the way English word is pronounced will. Therefore, ensure to say every word clearly and fully. Practice pronunciation a lot. You can take help from native English speaker.

Time management

Common IELTS error test takers make. It can be difficult to complete test within specific timespan, so sharpen time management skills. If you spend a lot of time on a single question then you may not be able to complete the whole paper. It is crucial to be familiar with how much time must be spent on every question, so that each one is answered in the best way. For e.g. answer short questions in the beginning as it needs less brainstorming.

Lack of concentration

Focus is necessary for speaking and listening. While taking exam give undivided attention. Understand everything that is communicated prior responding. Never memorize because this can possibly result in few points.

Quick tip – Never leave any question unanswered. There is a possibility that your guesswork may turn out to be correct!

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