Stationery Items: You Need Frequently For Students

Good stationery brings good education. A student who writes using good stationery is certain to enjoy the process of learning. Good stationery brings certain ease and flows to writing that is not only pleasurable but also quite alluring. This is whystationery store in “Sampeng” brings to you good quality stationery at affordable prices.

Stationery is integral to a student’s career. Let us look at the most common items that are essential for students.

1. Pencils, Erasers, and Pencil Sharpeners:

As children, we all start out b writing in pencil. Pencils are also used for drawing. Stationery store in “Sampeng” [เครื่องเขียนสำเพ็ง, which is the term in Thai] brings you the best quality in pencils. A good quality pencil is not only adequately dark but it is also easy to use. The graphite must not be too brittle to prevent breaking of the nib.

The wood must be smooth and have an easy grip. Erasers as well should not be too hard or too soft. The rubber must be such that it can erase without much effort, creates very little dust, and that it does not corrode into grains. Pencil sharpeners are an essential tool as well. They should be maintained and replaced from time to time when the blades get dull.

Electric pencil sharpeners must not make too much noise and there should be an easy way to take out and dispose of the pencil shavings.

2. Pens:

Pencils gradually give way to pens. Pens must be bought from reputed stores which stock only good quality pens. A steady flow of ink, a good grip, and a body design that is easy to hold are markers of a good pen.

3. Notebooks:

Good quality notebooks are essential for every student. Good notebooks have a proper binding so that the pages do not come off.  The notebook covers should be thick enough to prevent the paper from being crumpled and to provide support when writing. The pages should be smooth; they should not be too glossy or too rough. They should be thick enough so as to not leave an impression on the lower pages. The edges of the paper should also not tear easily.

4. Geometry Box:

Every student must be equipped with a good quality geometry box. Rulers must be hard and the measurements accurate. Compasses must be sufficiently tight so as to not change radii when drawing. Protractors and set squares should also be accurate and break-proof.

Equipped with the right gear, a student can earn laurels for his school and his family. Proper stationery makes learning joyful and develops good handwriting which is always an asset.

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