If you are wondering what next you need in your workplace to improve teamwork and make your workers enjoy working together more often, then you need to consider having collaboration tables around. Just as we all know that the success of every organization, whether business, academic, research and others depend on the coming together of several heads to develop a strategic plan. However, if great minds are coming together to devise a plan, there has to be a conducive environment with the right structures.

One of the important structures to help facilitate a successful plan is a collaboration table. It is important that every organization has at least one of these tables. Great plans and ideas are born when people come together over a collaboration table. Basically, a collaboration table is intended to achieve a successful group work, so the only reason why your workers are yet to come together on that project is that you are yet to introduce a collaboration table into the system.

Places Where You Can Have Your Collaboration Table

  • Laboratory: collaboration tables are one of the important amenities that should be in every laboratory. A lab, especially a student lab where you have a lot of people coming together to give their views about a particular result should hold a collaboration table. It just makes it easy to have a collaborative effort.
  • Research institutes: research work can’t be easier without a collaboration table. It gives the opportunity to view your specimen without stress. You can easily have your teamwork over your collaboration table while you discuss and work on the project you have at hand.
  • Group meetings and discussion: a collaboration table facilitates the birth of great ideas. It helps to achieve a smooth and productive discussion.

  • Lounge: it’s no longer news that a lot of people now prefer to hold business meetings at casual and comfortable environments like a lounge. You can turn an ordinary lounge into a collaborative lounge by working in a collaboration table into such space. This adds fun to business meetings; you can now strategize and plan your business without being bored or feeling confined into an uninteresting workplace.
  • Architects can put the collaboration table into good use: a collaboration table is just the perfect platform to carry out your technical group work. All the drawing and mapping can come up here.

You can do basically everything that involves people coming together to work on a particular project on this table!

Types Of Collaboration Tables

There are different types of collaboration table; however, the most important thing to consider when looking to choose one is the number of people you intend to cater for. Generally, you have to consider one that fulfills your collaboration objectives.

  • Modular Collaboration Table: They are great for environments with smaller spaces. Modular tables fit well for multipurpose rooms. One of the best things about modular tables is that they can be used in a temporary space as they can easily be packed up when they are not in use. They can be customized to suit the very purpose they are intended for. You don’t have to bother about not having a special space for your collaboration table before now as it is absolutely flexible to use.
  • Huddle Collaboration Table: Huddle collaboration tables are best for impromptu meetings. You don’t need to have an entire space as a dedicated meeting space before you can have a huddle table. It can be set up for just 2-4 people to have fruitful teamwork.
  • Conference Collaboration Table: This collaboration table is best for your meetings and discussion.

Depending on the number of people you are targeting, you can vary the size. You can also have your conference collaboration table in various shapes like a U-shape, V-shape or boat shape where you can have several high tech equipment.

Why You Should Have  A Collaboration Table From SMARTdesks® In Your Space

When looking for the best collaboration table for your laboratory, discussion room, lounge, drawing, and mapping, there is only one place to go. SMARTdesks® provides you with customized collaboration tables that are just built for your collaboration objectives. SMARTdesks® collaboration tables are sophisticated tables that can improve teamwork and promote excellent results.

SMARTdesks® collaboration tables are reinforced with computer technology, cable management, and power distribution and many other utilities just to ensure that you have productive group work.

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