Raising Funds With A Popcorn Fundraiser

When you are looking to raise funds for a sports team, a cheerleading squad, a church, an animal shelter or any other project, you should consider using a popcorn fundraiser event.

Why Using A Popcorn Fundraiser Event?

Whenever you need funds, you need to think about how you can attract a wide range of people so that they can donate to your cause. While you will need to explain to them the reason for your popcorn fundraiser event and why you need their help, the first and one of the most important steps that you need to take is to decide about what you are selling.  Popcorn is ideal.

The reality is that popcorn fundraiser events are always a success because everyone loves popcorn. Both adults are children love to eat the ones they already know and like but they are likely to try out different flavors as well.

In addition, when you are considering a fundraiser event, a popcorn fundraiser is always better than a cake sale fundraiser. After all, you need to think about the health issues of eating too much sugar not to mention the fact that there are more and more people with food allergies and intolerances. So, you can be sure that you will have a lot of people attending your popcorn fundraiser event and buying delicious popcorn from you.  

How Can You Make Your Popcorn Fundraiser A True Hit?

The truth is that even though you have a goal for your popcorn fundraiser event, you want to ensure that you achieve it without any problems. So, there are some things that you can do that can allow you to make your popcorn fundraiser not only a success but also unique. This way, even when people are a bit tired of attention to popcorn fundraiser events, when they know that yours is different, they will want to check it out.

#1: Offer A Wide Variety Of Popcorn:

One of the things that you should definitely do to make your popcorn fundraiser event unique and attract even more attention is to diversify your popcorn options.

The truth is that most parents should be willing to buy popcorns for their children. SO, you should definitely include some of their favorite choices that include Low Fat Butter Flavor, Butter Flavor, Natural Flavor, and the sweet and salty Kettle Corn.

However, you should also think about offering some gourmet options. These can include popcorn that contains 0 grams trans fat, or gluten free popcorn, among others.

#2: Meet The People Where They Are:

When most people are organizing a popcorn fundraiser event, especially if this is their first one, they will often limit themselves to talk to their family members, friends, and sometimes their neighbors. However, if you really want to ensure that you achieve your goal, you need to be where people are. Some popcorn fundraiser hosts tend to decide on a place and then try to get people to go there, even if it is far away. However, when this occurs, you will lose a lot of guests. People don’t want to drive too far away just to attend a popcorn fundraiser event, even if it is different. So, you need to think about where you are going to sell your popcorn so that you can get more people to buy from you.

Some of the best locations for having your popcorn fundraiser event are near the places where people are already spending money. SO, just think of staying close to a high-traffic retail store, grocery store or even near a mass merchant such as Kmart or Walmart.

Before you start telling everyone about the place, you need to speak to the manager of the store to make sure that you can host your event there without any problems.

In case you have the availability, it is always better to schedule your popcorn fundraiser event during the weekend.

While there, you should have some signs pointing in your way. These should include the goal of your popcorn fundraiser event and what you will do with the money that you earn. If you have these signals in a good position so that everyone sees them, you won’t need to annoy anyone. The reality is that there are people who will be willing to help you out and others who won’t. But this doesn’t mean that you need to bother everyone.

As you can see, it is possible to host a popcorn fundraiser event that is unique and profitable.

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