Evolution in Church: How the New Generation is Changing Things

The word, evolution, has a bad connotation in the Christian community, but it does not have to. Change is a normal part of life, and it affects everything, including the way Christians think. It is easy to see that the Christian community is evolving. The following are a few examples of how the church is changing from the inside out and why that might be a good thing.

The Digital Rise

One of the most interesting changes within the church community is the way people attend church. It might be surprising to know that many people, especially millennials, are changing the way they attend church. Some churchgoers are not worried about attending a physical church because they’d rather just attend through video applications.

Some purists might not like this idea because they feel that physical connection is needed, but it seems people can still fellowship with other Christians online. Many of the platforms used to attend church digitally have chatrooms where churchgoers get to fellowship and pray with each other. Many of these people are still using their gifts and talents for the church digitally.

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The Freely Giving Christian

Some people feel a little odd about churches and other ministries selling Spiritual creations. It is hard to put in so much work into something only to give it away, so you can see why selling spread amongst modern day Christians. Christ freely gives, and some believe his followers should do the same and not prevent others from receiving his gifts. They believe it is up to the Church family to support ministries of their own free will and donate what is in their hearts.

There is a grassroots movement amongst some millennials who are trying to bring back the idea of freely giving. There are several ministries attempting to do this, and some Christian bloggers are talking about this. Visit your URL to find out about some of the new thoughts revolutionizing the church.

Separation of Church and State

You know that it can be hard to separate beliefs from politics, which could be one reason it is easy for churches to become 501c3 organizations. This title ensures that those who donate to a church can get a deduction for their donations. It is a nice bonus for giving, but there is a crop of Christians who do not agree with this.

Some of these Christians think that giving and expecting something in return does not align with the teachings of the Bible. Other Christians do not like that there are government-imposed speech restrictions for 501c3 churches because they have yoked themselves with the state. Grassroots movements are attempting to change this and remove these government-imposed shackles on the Church.

There is no telling if these changes are going to be positive in the long run. Surely, some are going to debate these ideas, but there is no way of stopping them since they are becoming popular amongst younger Christians. Hopefully, the changes improve the reach of the Church and the whole Christian family.

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