Simple Marketing Strategies That Can Keep Your Business Growing

As many business experts know, marketing remains one of the most important brand-building strategies available. This is the case because marketing functions as one of the primary mediums through which business owners can share the purpose, value, and unique edge of their product or service line with prospects. In addition to catching the attention of the target audience, marketing is utilized to keep the company’s current clients interested in the brand. Thus, whether you’re trying to enhance visibility, win new business, or retain current clients, optimizing your marketing efforts is oftentimes one of the best ways to realize the objective. Below you’ll find just three of many marketing strategies you can implement to keep your business growing:

1. Online Advertising.

Online advertising is one of the best marketing strategies to implement when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. This technique works for multiple reasons, and one of them is that it empowers the business owner to optimize communication with the target audience. For example, a corporate leader might construct a Twitter poll in which respondents are asked to answer questions that are directly or tangentially related to the product or service line. An example might be a yoga studio owner asking a question like “Which brand of yoga mats do you find the most comfortable?” The answer to this question might determine which yoga mats are offered in the studio setting. One big benefit of Twitter polls is how easy they are to take. With this modality, the user simply clicks an answer.

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Note that social media optimization (SMO) strategies like Twitter polls is not the only form of online marketing you can implement to make business growth happen. Some of the other strategies you might utilize include:

• web design and development
• online reputation management
• search engine optimization
• content marketing
• email marketing

2. Print Products.

In addition to focusing on online advertising, make sure that you focus on optimizing your marketing efforts with print products. These products can be used to effectively advertise your company at events, in the mail, and to individuals who have yet to learn about your organization through your digital efforts. Some of the print products you might consider purchasing to build your brand include:

• Appointment Cards
• Booklets
• Business Cards
• Coupons
• Envelopes
• Forms
• Invitations
• Letterhead
• Manuals
• Postcards
• Prescription Pads
• Rack Cards
• Tickets

Click here to learn more about the world of print products and how it can be used to build your brand:

3. Public Relations.

As noted in Forbes, Public Relations is a persuasion business that involves trying to convince your audience to purchase your product, promote your idea, etc. Furthermore, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as a strategic communication process that enables the cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its public. In considering these definitions, it’s clear that PR functions as a form of marketing because it involves making brands more well-known and integral to the lifestyles or thought processes of the business owner’s market. PR is an important and inalienable element of the marketing process for this reason. Some of the specific PR services you can use to make your brand known to your distinct public include:

• Product Placement
• Media Outreach
• Speaking Engagements
• Pitch Creation
• Media Relations
• Press Collateral
• Editorial Placement
• Partnership Opportunities
• Print Placements
• Media Training
• Digital Placements


If you’re serious about ensuring that your business remains on the path to growth, it’s time to start analyzing and optimizing your marketing processes. Use the strategies and techniques outlined above to ensure that your advertising efforts become increasingly effective and expedient this year!


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