Essential GRE Preparation Tips and Strategies

Aspiring to pursue your Master’s degree or Ph.D. overseas? Then you must first attempt the GRE and score as your admissions into top universities are determined by your GRE scores. The GRE is a highly competitive exam and is attempted by countless applicants each year. It is therefore recommended that you have a proper preparation plan to help you reach your target scores so that you get into the university of your choice. 

We have listed a few tips below to help you on your preparation journey for the GRE.

Tips to Help You Prepare for the GRE

  • Invest in good study materials – This should be your priority since there are many study resources available both online and offline. Hence, you should select study materials from credible sources only. One such option is your official guides by ETS such as the official guide to GRE General Test, official GRE verbal reasoning practice questions, official GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions and more.
  • Set a target score – This is an important element in your preparation for the exam since the score you obtain on your exam will determine your admissions into the universities you are applying to. You must do adequate research to learn more about the different cutoff scores expected at each university for admissions.
  • Form an effective study plan – A study plan provides numerous benefits like helping you stay on track with your preparation, ensuring that you don’t miss out on important topics while studying, and managing your time productively.
  • Attempt sufficient mock exams and practice tests – Mock exams are a great way to help you get accustomed to the pattern of the GRE and the section-level adaptive nature of the exam. It helps you gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it also provides you insights on how to manage time efficiently and complete the exam within the stipulated time.
  • Spend time on each section of the exam – It’s essential to spend time studying each section of the exam. Though the quant and verbal make up your total scores, it doesn’t mean you will not pay attention to the analytical writing section. Many make the mistake of not practicing the analytical writing section much and this could impact your scores. Remember many universities look at your scores overall. So, make sure you practice every section thoroughly. 

These are some tips to keep in mind while preparing for the GRE. Alternatively, you can also look for coaching classes to help you stay on track with your preparation. Several online coaching institutes assist with your GRE preparation and they provide end-to-end assistance, helping you reach your target GRE score.

GRE Fees

It is vital that you reach your desired score in the first attempt itself since the GRE fees are expensive. Let us learn more about the fee details and the different costs involved while writing the GRE. The GRE exam fee in India is US $213 whereas in most other countries it is US $205, in China, it is US $231.3. Moreover, besides paying the registration fees, there are additional fees you might need to pay for other services such as getting additional score reports, rescheduling the exam, reinstating scores, etc. We have listed all the costs below for you. 

Rescheduling FeeUSD 50 (Approx. 3700 INR)
Additional Score ReportsUSD 27 (Approx. 2000 INR)
Changing Your Test CentreUSD 50 (Approx. 3700 INR)
Score Review for Analytical Writing MeasureUSD 60 (Approx. 4500 INR)
Score Reinstatement ChargeUSD 50 (Approx. 3700 INR)
Question-and-Answer Review(Only For Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning ) – For New York State residents onlyUSD 50 (Approx. 3700 INR)

We hope this article answered your queries about GRE prep and the exam fee cost.  Good Luck!

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