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Every student spends most of their time studying. We all know that studying is a lengthier process and it requires a proper plan and a scheduled routine.  The study process can be changed to a fun learning experience if one maintains an appropriate study plan throughout the academic year. This helps the student to follow a disciplined and systematic lifestyle which in turn yields better academic performance.  It is mandatory for a student to have a plan for the study. In this article, we will focus on the reasons for having a study plan. 

Helps to stay on track

A planned study is the key feature of successful learners. An effective study initiates from planning. Planning out the study schedule at first helps the learner to stay on track and also the flow and continuity of the learning process will be maintained properly. An unplanned study schedule is equal to no study. On the other hand, planning out the schedule, prioritising the tasks based on the timelines will help to stay focused. If anything is missed out from the learning process then by looking at the day-wise plan one can figure out the things that are missed and can pay extra attention to it. A plan is nothing but doing the scheduled things on time. For instance, one plans to solve a few questions from lakhmir singh physics class 10 then an efficient learner will definitely take some time out of his schedule and solve those questions. 

Capable of facing challenges

In the academic year, one will definitely face challenges. Challenges may be not understanding the concept or the subject, facing examinations or many more. A student who has planned and studied on a daily basis clears his concepts immediately, then will have the capability to face any challenges that come up in his academic curriculum. One will be confident enough to solve the challenges or tasks that come up suddenly.  A well-designed study schedule will ensure that one will not be completely thrown off track. This encourages students to face challenges and be confident always and at any time. 

Enhances the productivity

The study schedule mainly focuses on studying in smaller chunks. This helps in a better understanding of the subject matter. Designing a rough sketch of the study schedule and following it aids in increasing the productivity of studies. This helps to learn in larger quantities and memorise it effectively. Learning in chunks enhances the quality of the study. When a proper schedule is followed to learn the topics taught in class and the study done by the student goes hand in hand then the learner will be able to grasp them easily. Solving a few questions from books such as Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 10 Biology as soon as the completion of a biology chapter helps the students to gain better knowledge regarding the concept. 

The key step to success

One will not be succeeded in a day or two. A successful learner takes months together to showcase his results and performance. Consistency is important to succeed. The consistency is obtained by maintaining and planning out a proper schedule daily. Having adequate time for every activity and study is the key step in the ladder of success. One has to have a proper timetable to achieve the goals that one has set. 

One might feel difficult at the earlier stage to follow and stick to the schedule but when one gets used to it, there is no turning back. Learners must learn to personalise the study plan that suits one’s learning style. One must learn to say no to things that are not as important as studying. Less quality time spent on preparing notes, learning and studying are better than the more quantity of time spent on doing the same thing. The quality of study is more important than the quantity of study.

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