To become more productive during your office time, there is a way of becoming organized. When you become organized, your mindset changes and all of a sudden, time saves you. Spectrum industries are offering their best deal on Rack-mount Laptop Storage for your office needs. This tool is perfect for small offices to place their laptops and chargers in one area. There is no more need to wonder where you last put your laptop.

The LT-4 Rack-mount Laptop Storage Unit 7RU (20.5″D) has a 10-year warranty, in case something happens to it. The laptop has pulling trays and cable pads to make working easier. This metal rack is scratch resistant and made of 16 and 20-gauge steel. It only weighs 30 pounds.

This specific rack only comes in one color, metal black. And when you receive this laptop rack, an assembly is required. The tool you will be needing is a Philips screwdriver. Instructions are inside the package. Please be careful when taking out the material because it requires a bit of muscle and a good amount of space.

After you have finished setting up the mount, it is time to pick the perfect space to place your laptop organization mount. Find a place in your office where it will not fall or dent. Also, keep in mind you may also need an outlet to put all the chargers easily in one area.

Keep the instructions for future use and reference because you may need to contact the company for spare parts or just to get a bit more information on your product. With that said, your laptops are ready to be placed inside. But be careful because I find that you can easily bang your laptops on the metal. If you want, you could probably purchase some cushions to place underneath each laptop. Or, if you are feeling decorative, add stickers or origamis to the mount.

Although there is no price on this laptop mount, you need to call and make a request for a quote. There is a link on the top right and bottom of the page to make a customer service call to a member representative.

While surfing the website, there is also other furniture to check out to liven up your office workspace. It is really cool, check out the links above for chairs or more furniture to look through if you want to window shop or thinking about another addition to add to your zen.

As a result, please consider how the laptop mount rack can make your life easier and save you time. Also, why not give your laptop a nice home to sleep in while you are away on vacation or grocery shopping. It is easy to call the number and get the quote for the price. Hurry because the supplies run out fast since many offices are now looking for more ways of organization.

Please note, the package will arrive in a box usually near your doorstep. Keep your tracker handy because you will want to be there when it arrives.


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