Recent Stanhope Seta News

Stanhope Seta is a leading designer and manufacturer of the greatest available laboratory instruments for quality control, analysis and calibration – However it doesn’t stop there. The company are renowned through the great work that they do, not only in making the best possible laboratoryinstruments but also striving to provide leading advice and guidance regarding them at all times, with a dedicated blog on their website for all to read. Today we are going to be looking into some of the company’s most recent news (all of which are feature don their website blog)…

CFBT Test Added to Spec:  A new test method is now included in BS EN 590:2013+A1:2017 (Automotive fuels – Diesel – Requirements and test methods), and this is test method IP 618 (Determination of Cold Filter Blocking Tendency). This is something in which has bene introduced after the realisation that over the past few winters the number of diesel filter blocking incidents for cars and light duty vehicles has soared all over the UK. There is definitely a clear correlation between low temperatures and vehicle filter blocking, with it seeming as though temperatures under 3C are critical.

Cost effective Particle Counting: Regular particle counting and monitoring of hydraulic and lubricating oils is incredibly important in order to prevent and avoid damage that can otherwise be caused by particle contamination. Particle counting can reduce mechanical downtime.  Particle counting is really important as it can provide date which can be used to prevent machines from breaking down. This can save huge amounts of money.

Innovation award: One of Stanhope Seta’s leading machinery choices FIJI has been shortlisted for EI’s innovation award 2017. This is the Energy Institute’s innovation reward that many companies compete for each and every year. This category is designed to celebrate amazing products in which represent major advancements and developments, and which boast clear benefits and cost savings over other existing methods. FIJI can be used as a field or lab based screening tool to give a quick indication of possible FAME contamination that may then necessitate further investigations.

This is only some of the recent news for Stanhope Seta too – There is much more available to see on the Stanhope Seta website blog, and there will also be more in coming weeks as the leading company strive to update this blog as much as possible.

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