The New Age of Childcare for You

Facilitators may have some difficulty managing their group. Managing the time of daily living requires some organization for oneself, but even worse when one has to manage all or almost all aspects of it for a group of children. In addition to some sense of priorities and organization we offer some tips that will probably help you. This is the way child care provider apps work perfectly.

Capture the attention, do not be overwhelmed

In animation, it’s not about holding your clubs like you’re doing a class. As a facilitator, it is still important to have the children’s attention to be able to offer them things, so that the reception is not just a meeting of children who want to let off steam together. The following tips on managing the group are intended to allow the animator to fully live his project and his animations, without having to do too much discipline. The after school management solution is also with the apps now.

Prevent the problems rather than having to manage them

The importance of rituals

If something is expected, the attention is on the expectation of this event so it is important to plan the day and its animation, that they are organized and structured.

To bet also on the novelty to capture the attention by “surprising”. Children will be more attentive if we change their habits.Privilege sometimes personal rather than collective appeal .

Coach the group physically so that they can react if necessary

Manage your time: vary the activities properly so that they are invested – know how to estimate when it is time to change activities – allow time for storage and preparation for the next activity.

  • To have under the elbow an activity that calms after a time of release
  • To know little games in case there is a timeout.
  • Regularly give back the rules of respect (listen especially) and value the good behavior.
  • Do not leave the child passive (need for control) – involve him in his own way (educational purpose).

Having an object (material) of attention

  • When the animator holds the object, it means that he waits for it to be listened to ( egg speaking stick ) or symbolic gesture (one raises the hand)or sentence to be listened to “hello”.
  • Say what you do during the transition times: ( e.g. “we tidy and then we come back to sit”)

To act   when there is overflow

React immediately if difficulties arise, including taking over the laws of the club , with sanction if necessary. Highlight that laws have been written with children. With the after school pick up things get perfect.Do not let go fervor or dissipation : accumulation can lead to provocation, a snowball effect that the child can answer “and him, why you say nothing? “Or” it’s not me who started “or” well it’s not just me.Use methodically speech and silence. It is because there is silence that the word has value, it is because there is the word that the silence can have a utility and a function particular, wait for attention.

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