How To Solve Problems Related To Line Segments Formed By A Diameter And Perpendicular Chord

Mathematics can be so much fun if practiced, studied, and mastered. Just like other skill sets, the best has to be put into it to get the desired results. If you are having issues solving any mathematical problem, maybe you just need to put aside your desires to solve the problems and study the basic principles first.

Are you having issues solving problems related to line segments formed by diameter and a perpendicular chord? The first thing you need is the basic knowledge of the relationship between a diameter and a perpendicular chord and their interactions with line segments.

What’s the formula used to calculate the relationship between diameter and perpendicular chord?

In this case, the formula is not exactly what you need. The basic thing you need to solve any problem is the in-depth understand of the principles. Having understood this, you will be able to solve any problem-related line segments formed by a diameter and perpendicular chord.

To be able to solve any mathematical problem, you need to understand the fact that all the problems you will encounter revolves around a given circle “O”. Right inside the circle is a line {AB} which is referred to as the diameter and a line {CD} the chord which intersects the initial line {AB} the diameter and is perpendicular to a new point at P.¬†

At the point of intersection between the diameter and the chord are two lines of equal length, the line {CP} and line {PD}. However, not in every mathematical problem will you come across a bisection across the diameter.

Another important point to note while solving any problem related to line segments formed by a diameter and perpendicular chord is that the arcs of the circle are of the same length. As such, arc {BD} and arc {CB} are congruent. While on the other hand, arc {AC} and arc {AD} are congruent.

With this simple and basic understanding of the relationship between the arc, diameters, and chords, you should be able to solve any kind of question without going any rigorous task. The fact is, all mathematical problems related to segments, diameter, perpendicular chords revolves around this basics.


Just with every other topic in mathematics. Little is given, much is expected. Therefore you must master these basics to be able to solve more complex problems. Without mastery, it is quite impossible to become a master at it and solve any question that comes your way.

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