What is the correct way of studying

The study is not only a reading of information and its preservation by indoctrination, but rather a set of strategies that must be followed to reach an efficient study without forgetting the information that you have memorized or understood. For long times, and then we will mention the most important of these methods.

Correct study methods

Study before bed

Study for a few minutes before bed. The brain strengthens and enhances the new memory at this time, and the possibility increases that you will remember the information that you read before bed.

Division of the curriculum

A new technique has emerged for the study, according to dividing the required curriculum into small sections, studying or memorizing each part separately, and returning it more than once. Do not try to memorize a long page or sentence at once, but rather divide it according to your ability to memorize and memorize part of it at different times.

Move while studying

Studying the same material in different places every day reduces the possibility that we forget the information. Whenever you move and change your location at home or abroad during the study, you motivate the brain to create a new memory related to the same information to strengthen the memory.

Change the material

Do not commit to studying a single curriculum. Instead, study different approaches in one session, because this technique helps to use the correct problem-solving strategy. For example, if you study math for a long time and analyze division problems, then this means that whenever a new issue comes to you, you will need to solve it by dividing. You studied various approaches such as multiplication, addition, or subtraction with division, so this means that you will stop to think about the issues to infer the correct method of solution.


This is by taking a small exam for yourself, as it is the best way to prepare yourself for the real exam, and do not worry if you do not remember the answers to your fake exam because you will be able to remember it in the real exam better.

Writing while studying

Studies indicate that we can better keep information stored if we write it, so you should rewrite the most important information in the curriculum on a sheet.

Reading aloud

Reading the information aloud enables you to keep it in two ways. The first is seeing the information and the second is hearing it.

Obstacles to study the correct study

Failure to organize time and accumulate duties and study.

Hating some subjects and not wanting to study them or believe the words of others because they are difficult subjects.

Accompanying bad friends who keep their minds out of school and other things.

Anxiety or anxiety is a personal or family matter that revolves in the student’s mind and prevents him from thinking about anything else.


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