Why Go for a Masters Degree?

Studying a master’s degree is definitely an exciting prospect, and there are lots of legitimate reasons to take into consideration taking a postgraduate program. According to a Higher Education study of 2017, one of the most popular factors for taking on a Masters were to:

  • Progression in a present occupation path, 58%.
  • Enhance work leads, 54%.
  • Create a personal passion, 46%.
  • Allow development to a greater level qualification, 21%.
  • Enter a particular career, 21%.
  • Satisfy the needs of a present task, 9%.

A master’s level can additionally assist a profession modification, help you to acquire charters, as well as supply you with valuable market to get in touch with and connections.

Nevertheless, the Master’s research study is intense and typically includes a large price tag. For the most part, you’ll likewise need some pertinent work experience for entrance onto a program. In order to make the best of postgraduate research study, it’s vital to have a solid factor for dedicating to a course.

Will a master’s aid me to get a job?

Master’s degrees in Bangkok University [มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพ, which is the term in Thai] are highly regarded by companies. They are likewise popular amongst worldwide pupils, showing Thailand’s globally-recognized toughness in this field.

Holding a Master’s qualification won’t ensure you work on graduation, but statistics of 2017 show that graduates and postgraduates had higher work prices than non-graduates.

Postgraduates were more likely to be in high-skilled work on professional or supervisory roles. As an example, 77% of all working-age postgraduates were in high-skilled employment, compared to 65% of all functioning age grads. Without a doubt, 73% of young postgraduates, those under the age of 30, were in high-skilled employment in 2017, compared to simply 57% of young undergraduates.

For some roles, such as a clinical psychotherapist, librarian, lawyer, social worker, as well as teacher, a master’s degree is a crucial access need, while for lots of others it is very advantageous.

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